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Why Vegans Dont Wear Silk

Why Vegans Dont Wear Silk Its reasonable to a great many people why veggie lovers dont eat meat or wear hide, yet why vegetarians dont wear silk is more subtle. Silk texture is produced using the silk that is spun by silkworms when they structure the cases for their pupal stage, before turning into a moth. Reaping of this silk straightforwardly hurts these animals in this way, since vegetarians don't utilize items that misuse creatures, veggie lovers don't utilize silk. In spite of the fact that there are various approaches to gather and mass-produce silkworms for their discharges, they all include the possession and abuse of these little creepy crawlies, in many cases executing them during the time spent reaping their silk. Since all creepy crawlies are viewed as aware - or if nothing else had of an apprehensive and in this manner equipped for feeling (if not encountering) torment - veggie lovers esteem their creature right to an actual existence liberated from affliction. How Is Silk Made? Mass-created silk is produced using trained silkworms, Bombyx mori, raised on ranches. The silkworms, who are in the caterpillar phase of the silk moth, are taken care of mulberry leaves until they are prepared to turn cases and enter their pupal stage. The silk is emitted as a fluid from two organs in the caterpillars head. While they are still in their pupal stage, the casings are put in bubbling water, which murders the silkworms and starts the way toward unwinding the cases to deliver silk string. Whenever permitted to create and live, the silkworms would transform into moths and reprimand their method of the cases to get away. The bit silk strands would be a lot shorter and less significant than the entire cases. Around 15 silkworms are executed to make a gram of silk string, and 10,000 are murdered to make a silk sari. Silk string can likewise be delivered by murdering silkworms while they are in their caterpillar stage, not long before they turn their casings, and extricating the two silk organs. The organs would then be able to be extended into silk strings known as silkworm gut, which is utilized for the most part to make fly angling baits. Peaceful Production Silk can likewise be made without executing the caterpillars. Eri silk or harmony silk is produced using the casings of Samia ricini, a sort of silkworm who turns a cover with a minuscule opening at long last. Subsequent to metamorphosizing into moths, they creep out of the opening. This sort of silk can't be brought similarly that Bombyx mori silk is reeled. Rather, it is checked and spun like fleece. Eri silk speaks to an exceptionally little bit of the silk showcase. Another sort of silk is Ahimsa silk, which is produced using the cases of Bombyx mori moths after the moths reprimand their method of their cases. As a result of the bit through strands, less of the silk is usable for material creation and Ahimsa silk costs more than regular silk. Ahimsa is the Hindu word for peacefulness. Ahimsa silk, however well known with Jains, additionally speaks to a little part of the silk showcase. For what reason Don't Vegans Wear Silk? Vegetarians attempt to abstain from hurting and misusing creatures, which implies that veggie lovers don't utilize creature items, including meat, dairy, eggs, hide, cowhide, fleece or silk. Dropping silkworms into bubbling water slaughters the worms and most likely makes them endure - relying upon whether they really can encounter enduring, logically. Indeed, even Eri silk or Ahimsa silk are dangerous on the grounds that they include the taming, reproducing, and misuse of creatures. Grown-up Bombyx mori silkmoths can't fly in light of the fact that their bodies are too huge contrasted with their wings, and grown-up guys can't eat on the grounds that they have immature mouthparts. Like bovines who have been reared for most extreme meat or milk creation, silkworms have been reproduced to boost silk creation, with no respect for the prosperity of the creatures. To vegetarians, the main conceivable moral approach to create silk is gather cases from wild creepy crawlies after the grown-up bugs rise up out of them and dont need them any more. Another moral method to wear silk is wear just recycled silk, freegan silk, or old garments that were bought before one went vegetarian. Are Insects Sentient? While specialists differ over how much a creepy crawly can endure or feel torment, most at any rate leave the entryway open on the question and trust it is conceivable that bugs feel something that we would call torment. Be that as it may, a bugs sensory system is unique in relation to a warm blooded animals in spite of likewise transmitting signals from upgrades that cause a reaction in the animal. While some infer that bugs don't feel torment, in any event not in the equivalent passionate way that people experience torment, they despite everything accept that all animals are meriting empathetic treatment. Regardless of whether creepy crawlies don't feel torment when dropped into bubbling water, a passing liberated from torment is as yet a demise.

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Case Briefing and Problem Solving

Issue Spotters Delta Tools, Inc. , markets an item that under certain conditions is able to do genuinely harming purchasers. Does Delta owe a moral obligation to expel this item from the market, regardless of whether the wounds result just from abuse? Why or why not? I think Delta Tools, Inc. doesn't owe a moral obligation to expel the item from the market except if the organization doesn't caution its clients of the peril they can endless supply of the item. In the event that the organization takes all the measures to caution their clients of the threat of the item once it's abused, clients know about the hazard and willfully accept it.For model, the utilization of any anti-toxins with the liquor can prompt numerous hurtful procedures and exercises. All things considered, pharmaceutical organizations don't expel these items from the market thus. It's a client's obligation to utilize the item appropriately. Case issues 8â€1 Business Ethics. Jason Trevor claims a business pastry sh op in Blakely, Georgia, that delivers an assortment of merchandise sold in supermarkets. Trevor is legally necessary to perform interior tests on food delivered at his plant to check for contamination.Three times in 2008, the trial of food items that contained nutty spread were sure for salmonella sullying. Trevor was not required to report the outcomes to U. S. Food and Drug Administration authorities, be that as it may, so he didn't. Rather, Trevor taught his representatives to just recurrent the tests until the result was negative. Subsequently, the items that had initially tried positive for salmonella were in the end delivered out to retailers. Five individuals who ate Trevor's prepared merchandise in 2008 turned out to be genuinely sick, and one individual passed on from salmonella.Even however Trevor's lead was legitimate, was it deceptive for him to sell products that had once tried positive for salmonella? On the off chance that Trevor had followed the six essential rules f or settling on moral business choices, would he despite everything have sold the polluted products? Why or why not? The issue for this situation issue is whether Trevor's activities were dishonest. As I would like to think it was deceptive for Jason Trevor to sell products that had once tried positive for salmonella. Salmonella is a bacterium that can cause numerous illnesses.Two fundamental moral methodologies can be applied to this case. Right off the bat, Trevor should've contemplated his clients from the strict position. He could've anticipated that items constructive tried on salmonella would hurt individuals unavoidably. Besides, he needed to think about the result of this deal. He didn't consider the outcomes that can follow. He acted careless by letting his representatives transport the items to the retailers. In the event that Trevor followed the six fundamental rules for settling on moral business choices he would not have offered the sullied merchandise to the public.Havi ng five individuals genuinely sick and one individual passed on account of the defiled items hurts the name of the brand related with this episode. In this manner, organization loses its clients and, thus, some portion of the incomes. I think Trevor additionally should feel regretful about what befell those individuals implying that on the Conscience step, which is the fourth rule, he would've reexamined his activities and most likely altered his perspective. I surmise he would've not been glad to be met about the activities he was going to take.And the subsequent stage, which is Promises to his clients, would've settled on him question his choices due to the trust of the clients that he grasped. Also, I am certain Trevor's saint would not have acted the way that can hurt individuals. In this way, Trevor would not have sold the tainted merchandise had he followed the essential rules for settling on moral business choices. Brody v. Transitional Hospitals Corporation United States Cou rt of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, 280 F. 3d 997 (ninth Cir. 2002). http://caselaw. findlaw. com/us-ninth circuit/1019105. html FACTS Jules Brody and Joyce T.Crawford recorded a class activity objection against Transitional Hospitals Corporation (THC) and its officials on August 28, 1997 blaming THC for unlawful insider exchanging after THC purchased 800,000 portions of its stock between February 26 and February 28 without first unveiling that Vencor and different gatherings had communicated enthusiasm for THC. What's more, Brody and Crawford asserted that THC, in its March 19 and April 24 official statements, tangibly misdirected them about THC's goal to sell the organization. The locale court allowed the respondent's movement to excuse the cases. The offended parties engaged the US Court of Appeal, Ninth Circuit.ISSUE Are Brody and Crawford the correct offended parties to sue THC for harms for infringement of the resolution and rule? as to insider exchanging? Choice No. US Court of App eal, Ninth circuit, asserted the area court's choice to excuse Brody and Crawford's protest for inability to express a case whereupon help can be conceded. REASON The Court noticed that offended parties didn't meet a contemporaneous exchanging prerequisite, a judicially-made standing necessity, which indicated in Section 14(e) and Rule 14e-3 that the offended parties more likely than not exchanged an organization's stock at about a similar time as the asserted insider.In expansion, the Court concluded that the offended parties' objection must determine the explanation or reasons why the announcements made by THC in its official statements were misdirecting. Brody and Crawford contended that all together for proclamation not to be deluding, â€Å"once exposure is made, there is an obligation to make it complete and accurate†, for which the Court found no help for the situation law. The case law? just denies misdirecting and false articulations, not explanations that are inadeq uate. Commentaries: ? Segments 10(b), 14(e), and 20(a) of the Exchange Act, 15 U. S. C.  §Ã¢ § 78j (b), 78n (e), and 78t (an), and Rules 10b-5 and 14e 3, 17 C.F. R.  §Ã¢ § 240. 10b-5 and 240. 14e-3, declared thereunder by the Securities Exchange Commission (â€Å"SEC†) ? Rule 10b-5 and Section 14(e) Full case: BRODY v. TRANSITIONAL HOSPITALS CORPORATION Jules BRODY; Joyce T. Crawford, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. TRANSITIONAL HOSPITALS CORPORATION; Wendy L. Simpson; Richard L. Conte, Defendants-Appellees. No.? 99-15672. Contended and Submitted July 11, 2001. †February 07, 2002 Before: HALL, WARDLAW and BERZON, Circuit Judges. Jeffrey S. Abraham, New York, NY, for the offended parties appellants. Imprint R. McDonald, Morrison and Foerster, Los Angeles, CA, for the litigants appellees.In this case we address a few protections misrepresentation issues, fixating on whether an offended party more likely than not exchanged at about a similar time as the insider it claim abuse d protections laws. ? Jules Brody and Joyce T. Crawford brought suit against Transitional Hospital Corporation (â€Å"THC† or â€Å"the company†) and its officials asserting infringement of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 (â€Å"Exchange Act†) and state law in light of the fact that the respondents both exchanged dependence on inside data and discharged deceiving open data. ? The region court conceded the respondent's movement to excuse for inability to express a case. Brody and Crawford presently bid the area court's organization on a few grounds. Foundation In deciding if the protest expresses a case whereupon alleviation could be without a doubt, we accept the realities asserted in the grievance to be valid. ?Ronconi v. Larkin, 253 F. 3d 423, 427 (ninth Cir. 2001). ? The realities asserted in the protest are as per the following: THC was a Nevada organization that conveyed long haul intense consideration benefits through medical clinics and satellite offices over the United States. ? In August 1996, the organization reported its arrangement to repurchase every once in a while on the free market up to $25 million in organization stock. After two months, THC extended the repurchase plan to $75 million. On February 24, 1997, Vencor, Inc. submitted to THC's directorate a composed proposal to secure the organization for $11. 50 for every offer. ? THC didn't unveil this offer openly. ? Between February 26 and February 28, THC bought 800,000 portions of its own stock at a normal cost of $9. 25 for each offer. ? This $7. 4 million repurchase was notwithstanding another $21. 1 million that THC had spent buying its stock in the multi month time frame that finished on February 28, 1997. The offended parties don't assert that the complete repurchase surpassed $75 million. THC gave a public statement on March 19, 1997, specifying the advancement and degree of its stock repurchase program. ? The public statement didn't make reference to Venco r or some other gathering's enthusiasm for securing THC. The offended parties contend that in light of this oversight, the March public statement was deluding. On April 1, 1997, Vencor expanded its proposal to buy THC to $13 per share. ? In the following scarcely any weeks, THC additionally got proposals from two other contending bidders. ? On April 24, in the wake of getting all hree offers, THC gave another public statement, expressing that the organization had â€Å"received articulations of enthusiasm from specific gatherings who have demonstrated an enthusiasm for acquiring† it. ? A similar record additionally expressed that THC had recruited â€Å"financial counselors to prompt the organization regarding a potential deal. † ? The offended parties contend that this public statement was likewise deceptive; in light of the fact that it didn't express that significant due determination had just occurred, that THC had gotten contending offers surpassing $13 per share, or that a THC executive gathering would happen two days after the fact to consider these offers.At the executive gathering, the THC board casted a ballot to arrange a merger concurrence with Select Medical Corporation (â€Å"Select†). ? On May 4, THC openly reported that it and Select had gone into an authoritative merger understanding and that Select would buy THC at $14. 55 for every offer. ? Vencor immediately compromised a threatening takeover. ? To fight off that move, THC eventually concurred, on June 12, to a takeover by Vencor instead of Select, at $16 per share. Brody and Crawford sold offers on occasion that sandwich the April 24 press rel

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SIPA 2014 Application COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

SIPA 2014 Application COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog Its finally here after several edits. If you have been keeping up with us, you have already marked on your calendar our first application deadline â€" for Spring 2014 entry to the MIA (Master of International Affairs) and MPA (Master of Public Administration) programs â€" is October 15. Please visit our admissions homepage for more information, including start dates and application requirements for all our programs.   For those who have been patiently waiting the moment has arrived SIPA is now accepting applications to all seven of our degree programs for the Summer and Fall 2014 terms of entry. I encourage you to begin your application early so you have time to submit one that truly reflects your capabilities and accomplishments. Our Fall 2014   application deadline is January 6, 2014 but its never too early to get started on your application. Good luck and we look forward to meeting you.

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Measuring The Organizational Contributions Of The Many...

When measuring the organizational contributions of the many workers for woman suffrage, most would credit Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Chapman Catt, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucy Stone had the most influence in winning the vote for American women. The effect of this victory was then felt worldwide, as women in other nations were inspired directly and indirectly to win the vote for themselves. (Frances) The start of the Seneca Falls Women s Rights Convention go back to 1840, when Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were in London attending the World s Anti-Slavery Convention as delegates, with their husbands. The credentials committee decided that women were constitutionally unfit for public and business meetings. After a vigorous debate on the role of a woman’s place at the convention, the women were relocated to a segregated women s section which was divided from the main floor by a mere curtain; the men were permitted to speak, the women were no t. Elizabeth later credited her conversation with Lucretia Mott in that very segregated women s section for the idea of holding a mass meeting to address the rights of women. (Mary) Attempting humor as a tactic to win their right to vote they enlisted Writer, Alice Duer Miller in 1915 she wrote, â€Å"Why We Don t Want Men to Vote because man s place is in the army. Because, no really manly man wants to settle any question otherwise than by fighting about it. Because, if men should adopt peaceableShow MoreRelatedDiversity Is A Strategic Advantage?1365 Words   |  6 Pagesorganizations to embrace diversity, especially in U.S. As stated by McInnes (1999), â€Å"more and more organizations are embracing policies and practices to value diversity in their work forces as a way to increase competitiveness, build talent, expand organizational capabilities, and enhance access to diverse customers.† Diversity becomes an important strategy in an organization only when it is intent ionally promoted and encouraged. When we allow diversity to become a vital factor in decision-making andRead MoreWhat Is The Necessity Of Government Financial Compensation For Womens Work In The Home1236 Words   |  5 Pagesgender struggles in the Canadian economy. Women/housewives have often been ignored for their work in the home due to the dominance of a patriarchal workforce. The problem of childbearing has been another issue that has often prevented women from working outside the home, which has led to governmental assistance in terms of daycare for children. However, the current struggle for women’s rights demands more financial compensation to lessen the burden of women that cannot participate in the workforceRead MoreWhat Is Ob 7927 Words   |  32 PagesChapter 1 What Is Organizational Behavior? MULTIPLE CHOICE Importance of Interpersonal Skills 1. Over the past two decades, business schools have added required courses on people skills to many of their curricula. Why have they done this? a. Managers no longer need technical skills in subjects such as economics and accounting to succeed. b. There is an increased emphasis in controlling employee behavior in the workplace. c. ManagersRead MoreOrganization Structure and Ethics3565 Words   |  15 PagesOrganizational Structure Introduction Every organization needs to decide how to divide its work or activities, how to coordinate all work – related activities and how to control these activities to ensure that goals are achieved. The organization must consider its external environment and the internal systems and processes used to transform inputs to outputs. A manager of any organization must ensure consistency between the structure of the organization, the scale of its operations, the tasks atRead MoreThe Implication of Hawthorne Study in 21st Century4408 Words   |  18 Pagesbetween 1927 and 1932 at the works of the Western Electric Company in Chicago. Basically the aim of these experiments was to † attempt to reduce worker dissatisfaction and resist trade union influence by the putting in place of a paternalistic package of social and recreational benefits calculated to sustain workers â€Å"loyalty† (Sheldrake 105:1996). Many little assignments were conducted in hope of putting into practice th e above theory. Despite the economic progress brought about in party by ScientificRead MoreHr Practice in Ready Made Garments Industry4805 Words   |  20 Pagesanalysis †¢Ã‚  To reveal operational, management and HRM planning. †¢Ã‚  Discuss all HRM practice Methodology: We conducted a sample survey with a questionnaire (see appendix) .We provided our copies of questionnaire among the random samples employees workers collected after they had filled it up with their comments. To prepare this report we have collected data from different published materials. Then we have conducted a secondary study. After that we have prepared a questionnaire and took interviewRead MoreMultigenerational Workforce3300 Words   |  14 Pagesthe marketplace becomes increasingly global. It is vital that organizations understand the challenges and benefits of effectively managing a diverse workforce in order to maintain a competitive advantage. While diversity in the workplace can take many forms (race, gender, religion, etc.) this paper specifically examines generational diversity. This is the first time in history where there are four generations employed in the workforce. As such, it is imperative that managers â€Å"recognize what motivatesRead MoreManagement Practices6684 Words   |  27 PagesWho are Managers A manager is someone who coordinates and oversees the work of other people so that organizational goals can be accomplished. A manager’s job is not about personal achievements-it is about helping others do their work. That may mean coordinating the work of a departmental group, or it might mean supervising a single person. It could involve coordinating the work activities of a team of people from different departments or even people outside the organization, such as temporaryRead MoreEvolution of Management Theory3422 Words   |  14 PagesThen we discuss management science theory, which developed during the Second World War and which has become increasingly important as researchers have developed rigorous analytical and quantitative techniques to help managers measure and control organizational performance. Finally, we discuss business in the 1960s and 1970s and focus on the theories that were developed to help explain how the external environment affects the way organizatio ns and managers operate. By the end of this chapter, one wouldRead MoreObejctive of Public Relations, Paragraphs993 Words   |  4 Pagesthose planned to advantage the company merely. Public relations theorists have labeled these sorts of associations balanced and unbalanced, consistently. The link between symmetrical public relations and organizational success is accessible communication by being accessible, in trace with your many publics, determining what their fundamentals and requests are, how they can best be reached, and how you can all work together toward common purposes. That is fundamental with a different company and business

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Literature Review Iranian Muslim Americans - 883 Words

Literature Review: Iranian Muslim Americans Marywood University Helen Boyle America has one of the most diverse Muslim populations in the world. There are about three to six million American Muslims and around one half of this population was born in America. Almost all Iranian Muslim Americans come to the U.S. in search of opportunity, economic growth, and democratic freedom. However, it is important to note that although they may assimilate well to American cultural, they do not leave behind their own beliefs and values. Also, there are many hardships faced by this group, such as discrimination and prejudice. It is important to be culturally competent while working with a population such as this. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a action oriented form of psychological therapy that assumes that maladaptive thinking patterns cause maladaptive behavior and negative emotions. This Evidence based practice is found to be especially effective when adapted for Muslim clients and their Beliefs and values. There was very little literature specifically on Iranian Muslim Americans being treated for depression. There was more information on general Muslim Americans with Depression. Iranian Muslim Americans face many challenges everyday. Since the terrorist attacks in New York on 9/11, majority of Muslim Americans say that it has become more difficult to be a Muslim in the United States. Despite the fact they said that life in the U.S. has become more difficult,Show MoreRelatedLiterature Review : Iranian Muslim Americans952 Words   |  4 PagesLiterature Review: Iranian Muslim Americans Marywood University Helen Boyle America has one of the most diverse Muslim populations in the world. There are about three to six million American Muslims and around one half of this population was born in America. Almost all Iranian Muslim Americans come to the U.S. in search of opportunity, economic growth, and democratic freedom. However, it is important to note that although they may assimilate well to American cultural, they do not leave behindRead MoreRaza Aslan is Defending his Faith in the Book, No God but God1177 Words   |  5 PagesRaza Aslan is an Shia-Iranian and an American author, and he informed us within his introduction of his book that he will be blamed as an traitor by some and an advocate by others, however that the latter doesnt hassle him since there is no higher calling than to defend ones faith, particularly in times of cognitive content and hate. He claimed that this book is a debate for rectify and wrap up with a cautionary that, like the reformations of the past, this may be a terrifi c event, one thatRead MoreWhy Marjane Satrapi Graphic Form1803 Words   |  8 Pagesnovel accessible to its non Muslim readers. Being able to observe Christians in a predominantly Islamic country, opens a window to a life Satrapis readers could only dare to imagine. A world where u are told what to believe and what to think. It is therefore logical to target the sensitive majority of the population to educate about the Iranian political struggle and to get her story across. The novel in itself is about driving away the West from the conservative Iranian nation. Driving away the thingsRead MoreThe Geopolitics Of Us Iranian Relations3204 Words   |  13 Pages AMERICAN MILITARY UNIVERSITY THE GEOPOLITICS OF US-IRANIAN RELATIONS BY NELSON SHAWVER INTL500 – WEEK 8 ASSIGNMENT: RESEARCH PAPER 31 AUGUST 2014 The Geopolitics of US-Iranian Relations American Military University â€Å"It is imperative for other states to accept the reality of Iran’s prominent role in the Middle East and beyond and to recognize and respect Iran’s legitimate national rights, interests, and security concerns.† Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (2014)Read MoreReligion : The United States And The European Union1648 Words   |  7 Pagesinfluence over society, especially its role in affecting politics (Hajizadeh, 2013). The biggest religious event/influence in recent years would be the various events that resulted from the Islamic conflicts both internal and external such as the Iranian Revolution and the infamous September 11th attack on the World Trade Center that occurred in 2001 (Hajizadeh, 2013). The September 11th attacks in particular paved the way for many new policies and laws including the USA PATRIOT (Uniting and StrengtheningRead MoreInfluence of Cultures on The Thousand and One Nights Essay examples1456 Words   |  6 Pagesthousand stories that had been translated or adapted from Sanskrit in the time of the Sassanids, the pre-Islamic Iranian dynasty. (Lawall 1586) The same is claimed by Goitein as he says that the first element in the tile of popular book: ‘One Thousand Nights is very old, as it is an adaptation of the Persian hezar efsane, which means ‘A Thousand Stories, according to various Muslim writers the name of a pre-Islamic collection of tales and fables.(301-02) W. F. Kirby states while reviewing theRead MoreThe Thousand and One Nights1472 Words   |  6 Pagesthousand stories that had been translated or adapted from Sanskrit in the time of the Sassanids, the pre-Islamic Iranian dynasty. (Lawall 1586) The same is claimed by Goitein as he says that the first element in the tile of popular book: ‘One Thousand Nights is very old, as it is an adaptation of the Persian hezar efsane, which means ‘A Thousand Stories, according to various Muslim writers the name of a pre-Islamic collection of tales and fables.(301-02) W. F. Kirby states while reviewing theRead MoreIr The Iranian Identity3660 Words   |  15 PagesImages from Iran: Iranian Identity in the Global World Globalization is defined as the ‘world becoming a small global village’ where all countries merge into a mosaic of one multicultural free communication of information village. Yet, if globalization is supposed to enhance the relationships between different cultures, making the whole world one nation, it drastically fails, due to the many differences between the world’s nations. Iran is one example of a country nation that has been detached fromRead MoreSyria Civil War Essay1673 Words   |  7 Pagesmilitary in Syria, while looking at the strategic purpose and come up with punitive actions to the oppressors. The alternatives to the military operations are under consideration to come up with a workable solution without killing civilians. Literature review The Syrian army had undertaken an alleged attack on opposition bases in the suburb of Damascus, and until the publication of the same, Washington had not seriously considered taking military action towards the Syrian army. The western intelligenceRead MoreThe Study of Hostage Drama in Quirino Grandstand6173 Words   |  25 Pageswith society. Paranoid they feel threatened and persecuted, highly suspicious of people and very impulsive. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE a. FOREIGN LITERATURE The Iranian Hostage Crisis, November 1979 - January 1981   On November 4, 1979, an angry mob of young Islamic revolutionaries overran the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, taking more than sixty Americans hostage. From the moment the hostages were seized until they were released minutes after Ronald Reagan took the oath of

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Eat Well, Feel Better. the Link Between What We Eat and Our Mental Health Free Essays

Eat well, feel better. The link between what we eat and our mental health. Table of contents 1 Introduction Page 2 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Eat Well, Feel Better. the Link Between What We Eat and Our Mental Health or any similar topic only for you Order Now 1 Background information Page 2 1. 2 Aim Page 2 1 Methodology Page 2 2. 3 Primary research Page 2 2. Secondary research Page 2 3 Findings Page 3 3. 1 What is mental illness Page 3 3. 2 The link between food and mental health Page 4 4 Conclusions Page 5 5 Recommendations Page 6 6 Bibliography Page 7 . Introduction 1. 1 Background Information In recent years there has been an increase of mental health problems in our society. According to the Department of Health(2012) one in four adults experience mental illness at some point during their lifetime and one in six experience symptoms of mental illness – thus making it the largest single cause of disability in our society. Many people choose to take control of their mental health by using self-help approaches alongside, or even instead of, prescribed medication and talking therapies. Making changes to diet and eating habits is just one approach that some people have used to help improve their mental well-being. The links between diet and mental health are less clearly understood than links between diet and physical health. There are some generally accepted trends and pieces of advice than can help when thinking about what you eat and drink. 1. 2 Aim This report is going to outline what mental health is and how it affects people. It is going to research how what you eat affects your mental health and how eating or not eating certain foods can contribute to a person’s mental wellbeing. It is also going to suggest the types of foods that are good to help maintain mental wellbeing and tell the reader why and how these foods make a person with mental health problems feel. 2. Methodology 2. 1Primary research The time allotted for this report did not allow for any accurate primary research to be done as this would have involved drawing up questionnaires, handing them out to a target group, collecting them in and analysing the findings all of which would be a time consuming task. 2. 2 Secondary Research In the report secondary sources from various websites are the main source of information. There is limited information in books about this as it is a very current topic and websites such as www. mind. org and www. sustainweb. org have been carrying out research on this subject and have a lot of valuable information. 3. Findings 3. 1 what is mental illness Mental illness is a term used when someone experiences significant changes in their thinking, feelings or behavior. The changes are usually bad enough to affect how the person functions and can cause distress to them or to other people. It may cause Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Sleep Deprivation and a general feeling of unease and despair. A person with a mental illness sees things differently than a person without a mental illness and something simple to a non-sufferer can be life changing to a sufferer and can lead to the illness taking over where it is a downwards spiral in to the depths of depression. This then become a vicious circle of depression leading to the sleep deprivation which in turn leads to anxiety attacks which can then lead to feelings of despair and maybe even suicidal thoughts which then brings the sufferer straight back to the beginning were they are anxious about what might happen next and starts the circle all over gain. 3. 2 Research According to Youngminds(2012) there is increasing evidence of a link between what we eat and how we feel. This is called the ‘food – mood’ connection. How we feel influences what we choose to eat or drink and vice versa – and a healthy diet can help to protect our mental health. Mental health problems are believed to be the result of a co mbination of factors, including age, genetics and environmental factors. One of the most obvious, yet under-recognised factors in the development of major trends in mental health is the role of nutrition. Sustain(2010) indicates that a balanced mood and feelings of well-being can be helped by ensuring that our diet provides adequate amounts of certain foods such as foods that contain;- * Complex carbohydrates, Glucose from the carbohydrates we eat provides the brain’s main source of fuel. Without this fuel, we can’t think clearly. Some carbs are better than others. Sugar, white pasta and biscuits will only give you a short burst of energy. You’ll feel tired and grumpy when the sugar high wears off and for someone with mental health issues this could then trigger a series of emotions. . If you eat lots of sugary foods, fizzy drinks and stimulants such as coffee, tea or alcohol, your blood sugar levels go up and down. This can make you irritable, anxious, and dizzy, it can also lead to poor concentration and aggressive behaviour. Complex carbohydrates†, such as wholegrain, beans and vegetables, are a better choice because they give you sustained energy and you don’t get that come down feeling when they wear off. * Essential fats, Essential fats, found mainly in oily fish, seeds and nuts, cannot be made within the body, so we have to get them from food. Sixty per cent of the brain is made of fat, and the fats we eat directly affect its structure. A lack of omega-3 fatty acids has been linked to various mental health problems, including depression and lack of concentration. * Amino acids, Proteins found mainly in meat, fish and soya products are broken down in the body to be used as amino acids, which are vital to good mental health. Brain messengers are made in the body from the proteins that we eat. If we don’t get enough amino acids it can lead to feelings of depression, apathy, lack of motivation or tension. * Vitamins and minerals Vitamins such as b ,c , e and folate along with minerals such as zinc and magnesium which are found in foods such as green leafy vegetables ,eggs ,red meat ,yeasts ,nuts, whole grains and fruits are all good to help combat mental health issues. * Water is also very good. This is also backed up by information given by Youngminds(2012) and sustain(2012). This is, of course, the same type of healthy balanced diet that is widely recommended to reduce our risk of developing coronary heart disease, strokes, a range of cancers, diabetes and a number of digestive disorders and conditions. The diet that would give us the right amount and balance of these nutrients would contain: * lots of different vegetables and fruit * a wide variety of whole grains, * nuts, seeds and legumes, * and some occasional oily fish, lean meat and dairy products. Mind(2012) says the body of evidence linking diet and mental health is growing at a rapid pace. As well as its impact on short and long-term mental health, the evidence indicates that food plays an important contributing role in the development, management and prevention of specific mental health problems such as * depression, schizophrenia, * attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), * Alzheimer’s disease. This is also backed up by sustain(2010) and mentalhealthfoundation(2012). The evidence so far does not show that these conditions can be prevented or cured by diet alone. However, evidence is accumulating that the combination of polyunsaturated fats, minerals and vitamins may help to: †¢relieve the symptoms of s ome mental illnesses; †¢improve the effectiveness of medication for some conditions; and †¢reduce the unpleasant side-effects of some medications. Comfort eating is another symptom of mental health issues, eating or drinking the foods that give false highs but also bring that depressed low feeling when the effects of the chemicals released in the brain ware off. Mind(2012) states If you eat lots of sugary foods, fizzy drinks and stimulants such as coffee, tea or alcohol, your blood sugar levels go up and down. This can make you irritable, anxious, and dizzy, It can also lead to poor concentration and aggressive behaviour. Even with all the information that is out there not many people realise the link between food and mental health. Mentalhealthfeedingminds(2012) states that the role of diet in the nation’s mental health has yet to be fully understood and embraced, and shifts in policy and practice have been slow to materialise. Possible reasons include a lack of awareness of the evidence, scepticism as to its quality and vested interests in other treatments and approaches. 4. Conclusions The aim of this report was to show the link between food and mental health and to show how certain foods effect how we feel. Whilst researching this topic the author found that there is a definite link between food and mental health although not enough research has been done in this area to allow for an extensive report to be carried out. The websites that have researched this issue are trusted and credible websites but they lack the resources to investigate further or carry out primary research on this matter. 5. Recommendations A recommendation would be for extensive medical research to be carried out in this area with doctors and nutritionist working together to teach people with mental health issues how to help themselves by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Also primary research should be done on a target group of people with mental health issues were they keep a food diary of what they eat for a period of time noting how they felt and if there was an improvement on their mental health. References Bibliography * Departmentofhealth. (2012)Mentalhealth. Available from. www. dh. gov. uk. (Accessed02/10/2012). Ispsuk. (2012). What is mental illness and what is mental health? Availablefrom. www. ispsuk. org(2012. Accessed. 04/10/2012 * Mentalhealthintheuk. (2012). Mindguidetofoodandmood. Available from. www. mentalhealthintheuk. co. uk/Mindguidetofood. pdf. Accessed02/10/2012 * Mentalhealthfoundation. (2012). DietandMentalHealth. Availablefromwww. mentalhealth. org. uk/help-information/mental-health-a- z/D/diet. 2012. Accessed. 04/10/2012 * Mentalhealthy. (2012). Self-help Depression Availablefrom;www. mentalhealthy. co. uk/lifestyle/mind-food/food-for-good-mental-health. Accessed03. 0. 2012 * Mindforbettermentalhealth. (2012). Mind guide to food and mood. Availablefrom;www. mind. org. uk/help/medical_and_alternative_care/food_and_mood-the_mind_guide. Accessed. 02. 10. 2012. * Sustainweb. (2010). Howarefoodandmentalhealthrelated? Availablefrom;. www. sustainweb. org/foodandmentalhealth. Accessed. 02/10/2012. * Youngminds. (2012). Youngmindsthevoiceofyoungpeoplesmentalhealthandwellbeing. availablefrom;http://www. youngminds. org. uk/for_children_young_people/better_mental_health/look_after_your_body? gclid=CJWfjqiRurMCFUVZ3godwEEAFQ. A ccessed. 02. 10. 2012. How to cite Eat Well, Feel Better. the Link Between What We Eat and Our Mental Health, Papers

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Change Management Plan Management

Question: What is Change Management Plan? Explain. Answer: Changes to project scope can have a direct impact on the cost of the project and thus, it is one of the most crucial part of project. Thus, scope changes would be communicated to decision makers to obtain agreement and a formal process for change control would be deployed such that all necessary changes would be listed, their order of execution would be planned and everyone who would be affected would be communicated about the changes. To obtain approval, a change request form would be prepared containing details of project changes such as problem description, change description, justification, change category, and approval disposition. The change request form would go to a change review committee for the evaluation of changes. This committee would be formed out of people from different technical teams who would be selected on the basis of their capacity to understand the impact of changes. Changes that would be approved by this committee would be entered into a project plan. This project plan would be used by project manager who would assign responsibilities for each of the change decided and would communicate the same to respective team person. Project manager would be managing a change control process which would include management of change request forms, change review and evolution, change priority and classification and change approval. During the change control process, the change proposal would be validated and the impact of changes would be assessed by the project manager. After the project change is approved and decisions are made about changes to be done, the project manager would communicate to the team members about their individual responsibilities to carry out changes. The project manager would also report to the stakeholder by presenting all changes, their schedule and impacts on project. Change Control Management Process is created form four of its key components that are explained below: Change request forms: These forms identified all the changes to be made and confirms necessary details that are required for making decisions about them. A Change Request Form would have following details: Name and contact details of the originator of the change Date of submission Problem Description: As the Shanghai Port is 180 kms away from the China Plant of the company, additional logistics steps are required when any goods have to be shipped out of China. This requires transporting products from plant to Hangzhou port through truck, then loading them into container, then containers are loaded into barge that are shipped to Shanghai port where they are off-loaded again and then trucked to other area of port where they are loaded again on to ships. Description of the change: The facility of plant would be shifted from Hangzhou to Shanghai. Justification for the change: The steps involved in logistics can be reduced if the plant is shifted to Shanghai, location where more requirements are coming from, transportation costs from Hangzhou port to Shanghai port would not be needed and this would save huge costs to the company. Category of change: Relocation of plant to save on transportation costs. Impact of changes on project schedule and budget: Schedule of transportation would improve as the loading, truck transport, and offloading from Hangzhou port to Shanghai port would be eliminated. As the additional processes are currently incurring transportation and handling costs, their removal would also reduce costs and thus, budget would be reduced. Approval disposition Signature and date of Project Managers Date of Approval and signature of Project Sponsors Date of change updates in Change Request Log and project plan. Change review and evaluation: This reviews of changes would be done on the basis of certain factors : Skill requirement Impact of change on project schedule and project budget: The changes would be added to the existing project plan by the project manager to understand the impact of changes on project schedule and budget. The plan and work break down structure would be reviewed for assessment of impacts graphically. Risks on project changes Rework requirement Need for additional resources such as material, people, tools and technologies Change priority and classification: Changes decided would be categorized as per their priority of achievement which can be critical, high, medium or low. Changes that are critical to the success of project, are mandatory and need to be exercised within a week are given top priority. Changes that are important for the success of the project such as those affecting processes significantly, are given high priority. Changes that have significant impact on project but they do not directly support or hinder any processes, are categorized as Medium priority work. All other work are put into low priority. Change approval: A change review committee meet project managers, originator of change request and managers to discuss over the change plan for making decisions about them. Proposed changes would be analyze in the meeting with respect their impacts on project schedule and cost. If this impact goes out of the change control criteria, the change would be discarded or would be reconsidered. For instance, if the change affect the dates of deliveries significantly thereby consuming more time of staff then